04 Aug

Austral Bricks set to watch the Olympics in style

Austral Brick's Brickworks Design Centre in Carrington St Sydney will be a great place to be during the next few weeks in particular. Their giant new VideroLED screen has been installed just in time for the Olympics, and to complete the Olympic theme a clever representation of a swimming lane has been installed in the foreground. Boasting a 2.5mm pixel pitch and high quality SMD componentry, the image quality on this screen has to be seen to be believed. We expect there will be some late nights in Carrington St.

05 Jul

Introducing lockers that liberate the workspace

ISM Lockers

These stylish lockers from joinery partner ISM we recently installed help enable a workspace to become task oriented and adaptable. Once staff are freed from the restrictions of a personal desk space by such a locker, they can choose a working space most appropriate to any given activity. This might mean utilising a collaborative team space in the morning, and a quiet space in the afternoon. It's whatever choice is more productive. Such workspaces are proven to deliver substantial savings on leasing costs and improve staff morale. There are, of course,  some other steps you would need to take with technology in order to facilitate this transition but we can help you with those as well.

24 Jun

Make meetings more productive with Montage

This simple piece of hardware called Montage allows multiple meeting attendees, whether they're across the room or across the world, to simultaneously stream what's on their device to the main meeting room display, including communication via their device’s webcam and mic. You can view what’s on 6 attendees’ screen at any one time regardless of their physical location and attendees can two-way collaborate including annotation, file sharing and remote PC control. It also means you can have up to six nationally distributed team participants videoconferencing without the need for any cloud based video services. No more passing wires or turning screens around to share content. Montage means you can share ideas more productively.

To learn more, contact your nearest Ci office.

02 Jun

Latest Eastland LED Screen sets a new standard

Eastland LED

Our latest LED screen at Eastland is located in the striking new atrium space. 

This latest design provides yet another example of VideroLED's fine pitch indoor LED technology working successfully in highly variable natural light.