15 Nov

Telstra's new Ci theatrette is ready to take on the world.

Rather than rest on their laurels by repeating Telstra's Sydney Theatrette, the refurbishment of Telstra Melbourne's theatrette has taken things to the next level. Here is a space not only capable of wowing the 180 or so seated in the auditorium, but the prospective millions more that may watch online, whether in real time or via archived access. This is a theatrette that addresses the needs of the modern world.

The first thing you notice is the quality of the screen image, and so you should. The display technology on show is currently considered the best in the world, Sony's C LED (Crystal LED). It is used in conjunction with a Meyer audio system. This theatrette is definitely state of the art, and was developed in partnership with Testra by Ci's RD&E (Research, Development and Engineering) team over the course of a year. It is precisely the kind of client collaborative project for which the RD&E team was created. Ci hosted tours of the facility can be arranged on request.