19 Nov

They're Australia's biggest, they're beautiful and Ci did them both.

It's not the first time Ci has held the record for the biggest LED billboard in Australia. Another Ci project, Emporium held the title for quite some time. This time around however there are two of them, each providing a commanding view to the 45,000 motorists that travel on Melbourne's airport freeway each day.

Having two such screens in close proximity gives advertisers the unique opportunity to create playful content where the two screens can interact. We can't wait to see what Australia's best creatives come up with, from conducting conversations between screens to passing objects back and forth. These screens allow full synchronisation between them, full motion content and eyecatching HD display capability with over 1.52 million individual LEDs per screen.

“Installing such grand-scale digital screens is not only ground-breaking for an Australian airport but also the country, taking our ability to raise brand awareness to new heights for marketers,” Melbourne Airport Chief of Retail Andrew Gardiner told The Moodie Davitt Report. “Melbourne Airport is Australia’s busiest 24/7 airport, servicing almost 37 million people annually, so we are guaranteed to capture the attention of millions of travellers each year.

These screens will also play a key role in the airport’s ability to communicate with passengers. “During important dates such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the screens will come to life with bespoke graphics. We can also promote Victoria’s key events and attractions such as the AFL Grand Final, The Australian Open and The Australian Grand Prix, which is really exciting.”

Part advertising screen, part airport community screen and part showcase for the state of Victoria, we think these screens have a bright future. Ci's manufacturer partner in this instance was Unilumin.


25 Sep

Yagan Square wins major Award for Excellence in Urban Renewal

Not surprisingly Yagan Square has won Western Australia's UDIA (Urban Development Institute of Australia) award for Excellence in Urban Renewal. The Yagan Square project transformed an unused one-hectare site, into an exciting space that celebrates the State’s cultural heritage and provides a focal point for the community to connect. The Ci devised giant LED display makes an enormous contribution to that outcome. The success of Yagan Square is in fact owed to many, from those involved in design like the MRA itself, Aspect Studios, Lyons Architecture, iion, Light Application, and Ramus Illumination through to those that actually help make it real like the Doric Group, NS Projects, TES Electrical, Camden Neon, and Sign Services WA. (Ci was involved with both aspects so appreciates both)

The other contributors definitely not to be overlooked are the artists involved, and their story can be found here in the booklet we created to commemorate the event.




30 Aug

Affordably access the best digital art in the world

Niio is a world-leading management, distribution and display platform for premium digital artworks. Established with the vision of enabling the market and spreading the experience of digital format art, Niio offers seamless accessibility to discover and experience the world’s finest moving image artworks, which can be displayed on any type of screen and managed from anywhere in the world.

Ideal for interior designers and place-makers, Niio’s innovative platform allows for the simple distribution of digital art instantly — from video, VR and AR installations, interactive pieces and more. Creating endless possibilities for digital artworks, Niio’s scalable service delivers new media artworks to single screens, multiple screens or on a large-scale façade. 

Ci is proud to have been selected exclusively as Niio's partner in Australia. Contact us for more details on this exciting initiative.

27 Aug

Grimshaw & Mirvac unveil a great idea.

Grimshaw came up with a bright idea for Mirvac's first Ci lobby screen, to commission Swinburne students to produce the content. Not only is the content interesting and engaging the idea will continue in the years ahead, with each of Melbourne's leading design universities taking time in the limelight. What a brilliant move, more cities should follow suit.