22 Jun

See Australia's first interactive LED wall

We've had to keep this a secret for a while but now at last we can share it with the world. This LED videowall Ci recently created for QUT is the first of its kind in Australia. It is content rich, interactive for up to 10 users simultaneously and controlled not by touch but by gesture. Interactivity can now be undertaken on a grand scale. The content management technology entailed is the same as used at Segaworld Japan and is exclusive to Ci in Australia.

19 May

Victoria sees AV as a great investment

Some presentation rooms are more serious than others. The Redmond Barry room shown here is one of them. It is the largest of several presentation and meeting areas within the Victorian Investment Centre, situated on the 46th floor of Melbourne's iconic IM Pei designed Collins Place building. A key task for the centre is to woo investment for Victoria. This means the stakes can be much higher than for your average company sales pitch. Billions of dollars have ridden on the outcome in some cases..

Ci recently  installed new WSP specifiied displays throughout the centre, along with an opt in audio system. In all but one room these displays were 4k video walls. In choosing Ci for installation we like to think the government has made an investment in quality that practices what they preach in their promo videos. We certainly look forward to the next assignment.

09 May

La Trobe University's new CBD campus gets great first semester results.

La Trobe University's new CBD campus has passed the first semester with flying colours. The technology CI installed in the learning spaces all works well and is reportedly easy to use for students and staff alike. This project was a sizeable undertaking over two floors and succesfully delivered under the auspices of Hutchinson Builders with whom CI successfully worked with previously on La Trobe's Union Hall project.

The new campus represents a modern approach to learning. The larger spaces are divisible at will to becomer smaller independent learning spaces or combined as one large area. Furniture and technology are made sufficiently agile to allow for easy breakout into learning groups and back again within the one session. Everybody loves it.

This exciting project is one of several that Ci is undertaking for tertiary institutions this calendar year. So watch this space for some amazing footage in the weeks ahead.

24 Mar

Retail overheads have never looked better

Things are looking up for Australian retailers. A product from Europe is on its way to make better use of underutilized display space, clever LED ceiling tiles that can turn an ordinary section of suspended ceiling into something rather extraordinary.

It is expected these tiles will draw a lot of interest from sectors other than retail. There are viable applications for them in the corporate world as well as for airports, universities and civic spaces.

The beauty of this product is that it can be easily implemented within an existing environment. Not only is the install cost kept to a minimum - there is minimum disruption to an operating business.

The following video shows an example of a retail application. If you would like more information or to see some of the other ceiling tile videos, please get in contact.