20 Oct

Ci puts CSIRO in touch with a table

The touchtables Ci recently installed for the CSIRO Data 61 project highlight the reason why CSIRO has been an ongoing CI customer for decades. When there proved to be nothing off the shelf perfect for CSIRO's needs, Ci went about inventing it through a combination of products. Not only is the table the right size and touch technology for the task, it is also readily height adjustable.

Necessity is the mother of invention and probaby no-one understands that better than CSIRO. Like Ci, innovation is in their DNA.

18 Sep

Ci is entrusted with Adelaide's cultural pride & joy focal point

When Don Dunstan, premier of South Australia, declared Adelaide to be the Athens of the South and built the Adelaide Festival Centre all those years ago, the patch of ground shown above became Australia's focal point for the Arts nationally every two years. Culture vultures flocked to the Adelaide in large numbers, and still do today despite other states having since developed arts festivals of their own. Adelaide is still a national destination.

So given the importance of this public space to past and future arts festivals, it's rejuvenation was never going to be left to amateurs.  Not only did the design concept need to be engaging for such a significant public space, but the execution would also need to be first rate. Ci is therefore proud to have been chosen ahead of all those vying for this prestigious Hassall designed project.

Ci's proven track record for delivering prestige LED projects was doubtless a factor. Ci's impressive CV includes the first LED display screen at Chadstone Shopping Centre, the acclaimed light transparent media facade at Emporium and the world leading perimeter and parapet signage system installed at the MCG and Ethihad. Shopping centres in particular have been keen to engage Ci's services. A number of them have now made Ci their LED display partner of choice nationally. This will be the first big Ci LED project in South Australia. We don't expect it will be the last.

06 Sep

K Space at Australia's National Museum continues to engage

Today we discovered this video of the K Space area we installed for the National Museum in Canberra over a year ago and it shows how the end result is so rewarding for its users. Such a response is why we like working in the interactive category so much. So if you need something done for your museum don't hesitate to get in contact.

04 Sep

La Trobe University chooses 2.5mm LED display ahead of a video wall

La Trobe University is among the first to adopt tight pitch LED display ahead of LCD video wall technology, in this instance for their CBD campus window.. The advantages to the university are ongoing, an unbroken image, sufficient brightness for use in the location and regenerative durability.

These new 2.5mm pitch displays now available make it possible to get great result with a screen at street level.  This gives anyone who has an expansive shop window something to seriously consider. It also has significant implications for large meeting rooms, high end boardrooms, lecture theatres, and presentation areas where screens larger than 98 inches are needed.