Array Telepresence

Making real world meeting rooms better for video conferencing

Array Telepresence

Array Technologies' Equal i system is expected to revolutionise video conferencing for mid size meeting rooms. Such rooms typically comprise of 6 to 12 people around a rectangular table with two screens side by side up one end, one screen to display data content and the other for talking on camera.

With Array Telepresence, everything in such a room can stay as it is, other than the camera and (ever so slightly) the position of the screens. The participant experience, however, is transformed into something as engaging as top of the line telepresence suites but at a fraction of the price.

This means that not only will the cost be amazingly modest compared to traditional telepresence, but that the technology can also be rapidly deployed throughout an entire enterprise, often retaining what they own at present. Upgrading the entire enterprise is both affordable and fast.

For now, please refer to the link below to the US site for more information. Please be aware however the Australian offer is slightly different, not just in price but in the composition of packages that feature screens or furniture specific to our market.