Conferencing SOE

Make your meeting spaces universal

Conferencing SOE

A Standard Operating Environment (SOE) will maximize the productivity gains to be made from investing in new AV/conferencing/collaboration facilities throughout your enterprise. The more substantial the investment you are making, the more critical the SOE becomes.

We can assist you in developing such an SOE and deliver your entire AV project design on that basis. SOE enquiries are welcome from companies large and small. All stand to benefit.

Ci has over 25 years experience in the design, delivery and management of SOE's – let us share our experience.

To create an SOE, start at the Boardroom - then layer throughout the organization:

  • Executive meeting spaces
  • Executives at home
  • Executives on the move
  • The middle layer
  • The everywhere layer
  • Training facilities
  • Showcase facilities
  • Auditoriums/Theatrettes

And connecting them all, anywhere, anytime - a truly Interconnected Workplace.