Connected Workspaces

Make the most of modern technology, including the IOT

Connected Workspaces

As Australia's technology partner to Steelcase, global leaders in the evolution of the workplace, we are now able to offer a range of products and services relating to the creation of best-practice workspaces – the “Connected Workplace”. This holistic approach not only delivers more adaptive, enjoyable and collaborative workspaces but can also result in huge savings on real estate costs and massive gains in staff productivity. The sense of well-being that such workplaces create can be shown to improve staff retention rates.

Such workplaces can be seen as a competitive advantage. When designed and equipped to meet the complex challenges of the new, interdependent world, a Connected Workplace can increase business innovation, employee engagement and have a positive impact on the bottom line. The physical workplace environment is considered to be one of the most over-looked factors for organisational success.

A user-focused, next-generation work environment, the Steelcase Connected Workplace supports the agility and collaboration required by today's highly connected and mobile workers who are doing business in a global context. This is realised through innovative products that support contemporary ways of working, enabling seamless collaboration between teams over the desk, and across the world. Brilliantly designed, integrated technology products such as Steelcase Media:Scape are but one aspect of this exciting new field. There is so much to show you within this category, whether for corporate, educational or institutional environments.

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