LED Superscreens

LED Superscreens, so called because they are usually extremely large, are a very specific element of our product portfolio and require substantial lead times and careful planning. They also usually link into our general Digital Media offering via the Videro media system as their best form of management.

Pixel pitch from ultra fine to ultra broad.

All the screens we offer are full-colour video capable but vary in what is called pixel pitch (the measurement from pixel to pixel), and range in playback quality based on the brand and type of LED component utilised. Ci specialists will carefully design the right screen to your specific requirement.

Our team can also work with you to create any showcase custom display – maybe a giant LED logo or a multifaceted abstract shape. Ci has extremely innovative products available to create gently curved displays or tightly wrap around a column. The variety of technologies we offer are all considered the best in their field.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Super Bright Signage – pixel pitch from 2.4mm
  • Building Exterior Media Facades – Solid and/or Transparent