Media Facades

Say more on the outside, but let light through to the inside

Media Facades

Media Facades are the way of the future and means by which to create an iconic building statement. Over time, it is inevitable that more and more buildings will become clad, in part or in total, by controlled static or moving images. The application of this technology will soon transform our city skylines and streetscapes. Its prevalence is far more advanced overseas and Australia is beginning to follow suit.

The quality of the outcome, however, will critically depend on detailed design and the project execution as there are many traps for the inexperienced. Media Facades require product that's visually stunning, suitably robust, has solid technical support on an ongoing basis, content management that works and a design and installation that does not compromise the architecture. These are all elements that we deliver.

You can talk to us now about new buildings yet to be built, or how to rejuvenate existing buildings. We are willing to work with you, or your design team, years in advance of project procurement.